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Encouraging Hearts Counseling, PLLC

Professional and Compassionate Counseling

15 to 20% of pregnant or Post-Partum women experience significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. Peri and Post-Partum mood and anxiety disorders impact women of every culture, age, income level and race. Symptoms can appear at anytime during pregnancy or within the first 12 months after birth.

Are you feeling sad or depressed?

Do you feel more irritable or angry?

Do you feel anxious or excessively worried?

Do upsetting thoughts pop into your mind and refuse to leave?

Are you afraid you may hurt yourself or your baby?   

Encouraging Hearts Counseling is here to HELP we are not here to pass judgment on your "messy" house or criticize you in anyway. Please do not suffer in silence, there are those who want to listen. If you believe you are in crisis and may harm yourself, your baby, or any other person, please call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room.