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Encouraging Hearts Counseling, PLLC

Professional and Compassionate Counseling

All Are Welcome

Individual, Family & Group Therapy

Sometimes you may benefit most from one on one time with your therapist in an individual therapy session. It is here that you work as a team with your therapist to promote positive change in your life. There are also times when therapy is most beneficial when involving the family.

Times of transition or stress that impact multiple people in the family can upset the system as a whole and may require special attention. Group therapy provides its own unique benefits including, a support system, perspective, and multiple heads working together to solve problems. Any combination of these therapeutic supports may be the most effective for you.

Maternal Mental Health

Encouraging Hearts has specialized training in providing support during this delicate time. Therapy may involve just mom and the therapist or the entire family. So many changes inside and out can cause new and unexpected challenges. Home sessions are available when it is appropriate. Please review our MMH page for more information.

Community Supports

Christian Counseling

A person's spirituality impacts the way they view the world; as well as themselves, within their environment. When spirituality is a key factor in a persons life, it is important to work within the frame of their faith. Encouraging Hearts can provide quality and educated, Christian counseling.

Early Childhood Mental Health

Early Childhood refers to little ones from birth to age 5. These years are full of wonder and amazement as these little ones learn and grow at an amazing pace. Sometimes challenges arise during this time as well. A few possibilities include: disruptive and aggressive behavior that harms self or others, frequent or excessive tantrums with an inability to calm self, the experience of trauma or abuse, excessive fear or worry, hyperactivity and concentration difficulties or developmental concerns. Encouraging Hearts works as a team with the child's caregiver to provide appropriate and beneficial therapeutic supports for these little ones.